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Elemental Awakening Tier List:- Based on our experience with the game, we’ve created this Tier List. It isn’t the be-all and end-all, and gamers may discover that a B Tier element suits them more than a S Tier one. This is to be anticipated, given that no two players have the same playing style. With that stated, we’ve discovered that some Elements are more conducive to growth than others. We’ve compiled a list of them below in the hopes that it may be useful to gamers.

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Elemental Awakening Tier List


These are the best Elements in the game. Players should acquire these as soon as possible.

  • Gravity
  • Time


While not as well balanced as the S-Tier Elements, these are still some of the best in this Elemental Awakening Tier List. They can carry players far in the game.

  • Celestial
  • Lightning


These Elements are average and will require an experienced player to get the best out of them. It is not impossible to progress with these Elements but it is definitely not as easy as using S or A-Tier Elements.

  • Eclipse
  • Reality Collapse
  • Wind


Players must avoid using these Elements unless they have to.

  • Blood
  • Darkness


These Elements are best left alone. Players would be better off with Elements from one of the better Tiers.

  • Fire
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Earth

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Passive:Whenever damaged, there is a small chance you will enter a state of immense gravity for 8 seconds, gaining 2x defense.

Flux (E ability)Costs 10% max mana. Launch yourself into the air, creating a small AoE that launches people under you.


  • 3 Second
  • CD 100 EXP
  • Create an area of strong gravity at your cursor. Charging this move increases range and stun, and shatters shields at max charge.

Max Cast Greatly increases the size of the attack


  • 4 Second
  • CD 110 EXP
  • Push enemies away and deal damage to them. At max charge this move will reflect projectile back at the opponent


  • 23 Second
  • CD 180 EXP
  • Crash down into the earth. Depending on height used, impact will gain range, stun and damage. Must be in the air to use this.


  • 4 Second
  • CD 80 EXP
  • Throw a singularity that bounces once, then lifts up the surrounding ground in a large area.


  • 2 Second
  • CD 200 EXP
  • Cause debris stopped by rise to launch in the direction of your mouse.


  • 10 Second
  • CD 135 EXP
  • Send out gravitational waves that impair the vision of enemies in range and briefly stun them. In addition projectiles in the area will be crushed into the ground.

Vision Alteration (Pressure)



Time Revert

6 Second


Using this while hovering over a player with an active timeline will send them back to their timeline and cancel spells being cast. You can use this on yourself. If used on yourself, your health and mana will also be reset to your timeline. If the player does not have a timeline, instead create a delayed explosion around the person, the explosion will the bigger if casted on yourself, in addition, if the explosion is on yourself, recover 15% max mana per person hit.

Timeline Divergence

  • 4.5 Second CD
  • 50 EXP
  • Costs 15% max mana. Using this while hovering over a player will split their timeline. Other abilities manipulate timelines. A player can only have one active timeline. Using this on a player with an active timeline will reset their timeline to their new position. You can use this on yourself.

Temporal Shift

  • 15 Second CD
  • 175 EXP
  • Costs 25% max mana. Consume all timelines in a small radius. Gain 5 + (1 per timeline) seconds of intangibility.

Time Bomb

  • 7 Second CD
  • 100 EXP
  • Create a large projectile. Upon impact, the projectile will explode and damage but also leave a zone behind. If players in the zone have a timeline, consume the timeline and fire a beam of energy from a time portal at that player.


  • 28 Second CD
  • 175 EXP
  • Open a time rift above your cursor, causing a massive explosion.

Fast Forward

  • 1 Second CD
  • 25 EXP
  • While activated, gain 1.75x speed. Dashing while this is activated will instead teleport you a short distance to your cursor.

Time Portal

  • 1 Second CD
  • 150 EXP
  • Costs 15% max mana. Create a time portal at your current location. Max casting this move will revert you and players around you back to the time portal deleting the portal in the process.


Timeline Destruction

  • 15 Second CD
  • 200 EXP
  • Costs 15% max mana, destroy all timelines around you, teleporting players back to them in the process before creating multiple time portals blasting them with a barrage energy beams.

Reality Collapse


  • Collapse upon yourself and teleport to your cursor, creating an explosion.

Sphere of Distortion

  • 4.5 Second CD
  • 50 EXP
  • Shoots a projectile that creates a large explosion on impact.

Max Cast

  • 10 Second CD
  • Causes a beam that creates a black hole on impact.

Sphere of Fracture

  • 3.5 Second CD
  • 100 EXP
  • Creates a sphere of chaotic energy at your cursor.

Max Cast

  • 5 Second CD
  • Detonates all spheres, causing them to go to your cursor and create aoes. (Max of 5)

Sphere of Collapse

  • 30 Second CD
  • 100 EXP
  • Creates a projectile that sends targets to the below upon return they will take heavy damage.



  • 18 Second CD
  • 100 EXP
  • Creates a large shockwave that stuns and damages enemies, sending them into the air.


  • 90 Second CD
  • 150 EXP
  • Replace your dash with a teleport, regenerate 20% of your max health, and gain a 1.5x damage multiplier.


The Black Sun

  • 270 Second CD
  • 500 EXP
  • Create a singularity that releases devastating attacks.



Solfire (E skill) –Costs 35% max mana. Cover yourself in celestial fire and deal 1.75x damage for the next 10 seconds.

Planet Throw

•>- Launch a planet toward your cursor, creating an explosion upon impact. Each planet applies different effects.
• Blackhole- Pull players in and stuns for an extremely long time.
• Red Planet- Stuns for a short amount of time.
• Blue Planet- Decreases the damage your opponent deals for a short period of time.
• 3 second cooldown
• 75 exp

Lightspeed Lariat

•>- Dash forward at the speed of light, heavily stunning enemies in your path.
• 7 second cooldown
• 80 exp


•>- Create a large explosion around you, stunning enemies and knocking them back.
• 16 second cooldown
• 100 exp


•>- Create a sphere of cosmic energy for each person in a large radius. Upon contact, the sphere will explode and stun, and will then collapse into itself, pulling enemies in.
• 40 second cooldown
• 110 exp


•>- Costs 10% max mana. Pull a meteor from the sky and cause it to crash down. Depending on how long you charge this move, the meteor will gain size, stun and damage.
• 4 second cooldown
• 135 exp

Max Charge

• 320 second cooldown
• 135 exp


E ability – Sacrifice 40% of your total magic energy for 20% max health.

  • 2 Second CD
  • 40 EXP
  • Channel energy from the sun and rain light spears down upon the targeted area.

Max Cast

  • 4 Second CD
  • Costs 10% max HP to cast. Cause darkness to fall in an area, stunning enemies.


  • 10 Second CD
  • 75 EXP
  • Create an area of light around you, constantly damaging enemies in range.

Max Cast

  • 8 Second CD
  • Costs 10% max HP to cast. Create and explosion of darkness around you.


  • 6 Second CD
  • 90 EXP
  • Reflect a beam of light to the targeted area, creating an explosion on impact, shattering shields.

Max Cast

  • 15 Second CD
  • Create a large, slow moving projectile that constantly damages enemies around it. If at least 1 person is hit,
  • restore 5% of max mana.


  • 60 Second CD
  • 150 EXP
  • \Create a massive shockwave that deals massive damage and stuns in a large range.


E ability – Costs 15% max health. Create an orb of blood at your cursor that will attack nearby enemies.


  • 4 Second CD
  • 65 EXP
  • Take blood from an enemy, damaging them and healing 10% (+2% per second charged) max health. (Can be blocked, preventing the heal and damage)


  • 3 Second CD
  • 75 EXP
  • Costs 5% max health. Create a puddle of blood at your cursor, stunning enemies and applying a debuff which causes them to take 1.25x damage for 5 seconds.

Max Cast

  • Cause an explosion of blood around the nearest puddle to your cursor which heals 8% max health for every person hit. If there is no puddle near your cursor, create a sword of blood that goes to your cursor and explodes on impact, shattering the shield of anybody hit.

Max Cast (Plague Puddle)

Blood Barrier

  • 5 Second CD
  • 250 EXP
  • Costs 10% max health to cast. Create a barrier of blood around you, completely protecting you for 4 seconds.

Blood Manipulation

  • 30 Second CD
  • 300 EXP
  • Create explosions of blood around each puddle that summons tracking projectiles, heavily stunning enemies hit. If no puddles are currently summoned, instead lifesteal enemies in a large area around you, regaining 5% max health for every person hit.

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[Updated] Elemental Awakening Tier List: November 2022 » Gaming Guide (2024)
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