Tierlist for how useful stand abilities would be IRL | Fandom (2024)

But I have to clarify the rules first.

1.For the most part we are only counting the stand ability aswell as a small portion of their stats. Every humanoid stand is useful because you gain 3-5 meters of reach but if they have a bad ability they will go in a low tier, even if having the stand's physical manifestation itself is beneficial.

2. im dumb

3. not all stands are on this list

Tierlist for how useful stand abilities would be IRL | Fandom (1)

Extremely Useful

  • Crazy Diamond

This one's obvious. Not only is it a humanoid stand with incredible power, it has the abiltiy to revert objects to a previous state. Aka healing things. Also I know the manga says CD can't heal cancer and diseases but if he can revert spaghetti sauce into a tomato then he can affect things on a cellular level meaning CRAZY DIAMOND SHOULD BE ABLE TO CURE CANCER!!

Lose your headphones inbetween the car seat? break your car and fix it. Overcook some food? l o v e. broke your grandma's urn? L O V E!

  • Harvest

As shown in the series, you can get some serious cash with this. As well as other things. It also has insane reach and can retrieve and transport anything as long as its not too big. It's also very agile and can defend you extremely well.

  • Weather Report

Weather report is a stand that controls the weather. Assuming people don't rapidly turn to snails this ability is very useful. You can use clouds to hold objects, create rain from the precipitation in the air, fly- maybe?

Weather is the most versatile stand and can probably do anything you can think of. And it can easily get remotes from the other side of the room.

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I doubt your clones would work for you, but you can essentially teleport into a alternate universe bank, rob it, and take the money home. yippie. The manga said D4C can't transport money so idk just take something valuable and sell it at home.

Probably has a lot of other uses too! I'm not sure. It's very versatile though. I think stealing is my main point here. Realistically, you would probably just steal someones switch in an alternate universe and play some games.

  • Stone Free

Another extremely versatile stand. You can stitch peoples wounds and reach EXTREMELY far. As well as listen in on conversations and send your voice a far ways away. You can get snacks from the fridge while being inside your room. awesome. Also pickpocketing if your that kind of person.

  • Heaven's Door

I don't need to say anything for this one

  • Talking Head

Forcing people to lie can be extremely useful in a lot of situations. At least in my life I'd love this ability.

  • The Sun

After our sun dies you can make a replacement. Extremely useful.

Beneficial Rundown

Spice girls can make objects soft and unbreakable, so you can punch your computer after dying in TSB without it breaking.

Burning down the house can hold tons of objects (you can stuff a pc in your pocket)

Pearl Jam is a kind ability that a lot of chefs would love

Paisley Park is good at locating stuff (I haven't read part 8, but my friends say its good)

King Crimson lets you skip over any negative effects that would happen to you, and Epitaph lets you see the future. very good.

GER is the same, you can negate negative effects. Aswell as GE's abilities.

Mandom is basically the same- rewind, retry.

Moody Blues is great for a lot of things actually. You can copy a professional chef to cook you a meal (granted the ingredients are in the right places) and stuff like that. Most of the uses i can think of are dirty but thats probably what most people would do with moody jazz.

Sticky fingers would let you turn anything into a door, and thats just so cool and useful. You can also hide in people. AND HERES THE KICKER- YOU CAN FIT LIKE 16 PEOPLE IN oNE CAR.

Gold Experience lets you make the perfect gardens. Also possibly end world hunger. What if you accelerated the growth of a Potato?

Magicians Red can cook stuff.

Love Deluxe is the same as STF just worse, long reach. Did I mention you can attack people?

Thoth is like KC but worse. But it's weird because Thoth seems to bring Boingo good fortune.

Instant Massacre

Not beyond useless if your a murderer

Tierlist for how useful stand abilities would be IRL | Fandom (2024)
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