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Chapter161-Unstable Space

Howard received three gifts as a token of welcome from the seasoned veterans he encountered: the Moonlight Sword, the S-level skill Death Six-Step Throw, and a time-controlling pocket watch. Their attributes appeared as Howard focused his thoughts on them.

[Moonlight Sword]

[Level: 30]

[Grade: Legendary]

[Equipment Attribute Bonuses:]

1. Strength +500

2. Agility +1100

3. Vitality +300

4. MP +5000

5. Absorbs moonlight to gradually increase its grade, potentially evolving into a Supreme Artifact

6. Under moonlight, all personal attributes increase by 15%

7. When activated, summons the moon, filling the vicinity with moonlight and forming a domain. Within this domain, Howard’s attacks trigger distant blade aura attacks, reaching up to 20 meters

“How incredible! The effects can interact with each other, forming a domain-like enhancement. And it’s usable at level 30. If I master some sword skills, this weapon will be quite effective,” Howard thought, thrilled by the gift.

Suppressing his excitement, Howard then examined the Death Six-Step Throw skill.

[Death Six-Step Throw (S-level active skill)]

[Level: 1]

[Death Six-Step Throw (S-level active skill)]

[Level: 1]

[Description: Swiftly grabs the target and furiously smashes it six times, each impact dealing 150% of Howard’s attack power. Each consecutive hit increases damage by 20%. If the target endures all six hits, they enter a state of dizziness for 5 seconds.] 𝘳.𝑐ℴ

[Cooldown: 300 seconds]

[Mana Cost: 1000]

[Proficiency: 0/100]

[Skill Requirement: The user’s strength must be at least 70% greater than the target’s strength for the skill to activate.]

The gifts not only offered substantial power boosts but also aligned well with Howard’s combat style, adding to his arsenal of formidable abilities.

“Five seconds of control effect and six consecutive attacks with increasing damage – that’s incredibly powerful!” Howard mused, touching his nose thoughtfully. “The only catch is the requirement for my strength to be 70% greater than my opponent’s.”

Howard quickly came to terms with this limitation, understanding the physical demands of repeatedly slamming an opponent. After all, the skill would be impractical if he lacked the necessary strength to execute it. In this data-driven world, the requirements and specifications for skills were meticulously defined.

Under normal circ*mstances, as a magus, Howard’s strength wouldn’t typically permit effective use of such a skill. However, having signed the Soul Blood Pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon and received the blessings of the Guardian Divine Dragon from the Chan family, his physical strength had already surpassed many melee-focused awakened. Therefore, a skill like this was too valuable for him to ignore.

[Ding! Congratulations, awakened Howard, for successfully mastering the S-level active skill – Death Six-Step Throw!]

With a broad smile, Howard then turned his attention to the attributes of the pocket watch.

[Shattered Timepiece]


[Grade: Epic]

[Effect: Upon activation, it slows down the flow of time within a 100-meter radius. The degree of slowdown is proportionate to the user’s level. Upon activation, it consumes 1000 MP per second. After 10 seconds, consumption increases to 5000 MP per second, and after 30 seconds, to 10000 MP per second. The maximum duration is 60 seconds.]

[Special Effect: Upgradable (Upgrade effects unknown; upon upgrade, the item will evolve into a Supreme Artifact).]

“A range of 100 meters? That’s huge!” Howard exclaimed, slightly taken aback by the high mana consumption. At that moment, he felt grateful for the first time for possessing an F-level talent. Its low grade might not seem impressive, but its effective results were undeniable.

“Considering this equipment is also upgradable, it seems these individuals have a strong relationship with Master Rick. I should definitely keep in touch with them in the future,” Howard thought to himself, making a mental note.

In the current society, the bond between a master and a disciple was almost akin to that of a parent and child. Rick Suleiman’s social circle was something Howard could naturally inherit. Given that Rick didn’t seem to have any descendants and appeared uninterested in having any, Howard saw a chance to step into that role.

As time slowly passed, Glutton finished preparing the ingredients and began to showcase his culinary skills. A kitchen knife danced rapidly in his hands, leaving a trail of afterimages. Within just half an hour, the Flame Tiger was transformed into a fragrant meat soup.

Glutton casually set up a table and laid out bowls and utensils, serving the delicious meal to Howard and the others. Just as Howard was about to take a sip, a resonant dragon’s roar suddenly filled the air. The golden phantom of the Oriental Divine Dragon unexpectedly flew uncontrollably out of Howard’s body, materializing and hovering directly above the soup pot.

This unexpected scene surprised everyone present, even those with levels above 95, including Rick Suleiman. Rick knew that Howard had visited the Crimson Dragon City with Wales, but he was unaware of the pact Howard had made with the Oriental Divine Dragon.

“Without wings, only two pairs of dragon claws… is this an Oriental Divine Dragon?”

“In the whole world, only the Chan family of the Crimson Dragon City has the ability to form a pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon. Kid, are you from the Crimson Dragon City?”

Everyone present revealed looks of astonishment, sizing up Howard with renewed interest and curiosity.

Howard chuckled and said, “It was a fortunate coincidence that led to my pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon. Since the pact, it has been in a weakened state, and I never expected it to emerge at this moment.”

The Oriental Divine Dragon, seemingly still in a fragile condition and unable to speak, simply gazed at Howard, then turned its longing eyes towards the steaming meat soup.

“The meat of the Flame Tiger possesses restorative properties, so it’s understandable that the young Oriental Divine Dragon, sensing such an aroma while weak, would suddenly appear,” Glutton remarked with admiration. “But for you, Howard Hughes, to form a pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon, you are truly the first outside of the Chan family to achieve this!”

“Indeed, with a name like Howard Hughes, you’re clearly not of the Chan bloodline. This means you must have formed the pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon through your own abilities. Impressive!”

The expressions of admiration from the others made Howard smile sheepishly. Honestly, he himself didn’t fully grasp why the Oriental Divine Dragon chose to form the Soul Blood Pact with him.

Rick Suleiman and the others, intrigued by the Oriental Divine Dragon, naturally didn’t leave it hungry. After receiving approval, the dragon devoured the soup voraciously. Once it was satiated, it didn’t wait for the others to examine it further. Instead, it became ethereal again and flew back into Howard.

“This little one is quite pragmatic, isn’t it? Leaves as soon as the soup is gone!” Glutton rolled his eyes and then chuckled. “Interesting. I’ll prepare more food tomorrow. I want to see if I can lure it out again for a closer look.”

Ordinary people rarely get the chance to encounter dragons, even Western dragons or the most basic Earth dragons. So naturally, seeing the Oriental Divine Dragon would spark their curiosity.

Rick Suleiman then suggested, “Kid, the top-tier monsters around here are already suppressed by us and dare not act rashly. Why don’t you go out and gain some experience? Try to gather information about other awakeneds. Knowing both the enemy and yourself ensures no peril in battles. This way, you’ll be better prepared to compete for the treasure.”

Old Smokey, with slightly narrowed eyes, chimed in: “Is the kid going to compete too? If that’s the case, we might need to adjust our strategy, or perhaps we could assist covertly.”

After all, they were friends, and they wouldn’t mind bending the rules for Rick Suleiman. With just a word from him, they would think of any method to help Howard secure the Starry River Map.

Howard, although desiring their assistance, didn’t show it outright. Smiling, he said, “I’ll be fortunate if I get it, and it’s fate if I don’t. Thank you for your concern, uncles, but I’d like to give it a try on my own.”

“Admirable spirit!” they praised.

“You can indeed use this opportunity to train and enhance your strength,” they encouraged. .

“Just a heads up, among the awakeneds arriving this time, be cautious around those from Black Tortoise City. Try your best to avoid conflict with them,” Old Smokey cautioned, prompting Rick Suleiman, Ice Ghost, and Glutton to roll their eyes in unison.

Seeing that the four wanted him to go out and gain experience, Howard understood they likely had important matters to discuss. He nodded in agreement, “Then, Master and uncles, I shall take my leave to train.”

After offering these courteous words, Howard quietly left the dilapidated palace.

They were right. Getting to know the awakeneds competing for the Starry River Map in advance would help him familiarize himself with them, avoiding being caught off guard during the battle. Being outwitted could be more frustrating than being outmatched.

Once Howard was out of earshot, the atmosphere among Rick Suleiman and the other three became decidedly more serious.

Rick Suleiman began, “The council has decreed that this time, other races might also descend upon us. The nearby spatial region has become extremely unstable, which is probably why the Starry River Map has emerged ahead of schedule.”

Had Howard been present, he would have been astonished. The Starry River Map was hidden here by the Alliance’s people, explaining why they referred to it as if it was already in their possession, even considering how to distribute it!

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Read Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell Chapter161-Unstable Space online for free - NovelFull (2024)
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