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NOTE: Get used to the underwater controls by studying the screen; you can make your life easier by remembering them, or kill yourself forgetting them.

If you are unsure as how to swim, you should practice a little in the water just outside the ship. Not being able to swim will start costing Dante a lot of life. If you are still unsure how to swim, buy a Vitality Star from the God of Time just in case (that's just a waste of money, by the way!). Head down the stairs and don't miss the Orb Vase before you hit the water.


Jump into the water and go through the hole into the ship. Swim, but avoid the monsters since you don't have the Needle Gun yet! Get out of the water inside the ship as fast as possible and head up the nearby stairs.

Kill the two Blades that appear. Now do some exploring without leaving the room (and respawning more enemies). The Needle Gun is near the stairs and is rather hard to miss since it is shining. You automatically equip it when underwater, so don't worry about it. It cannot be used above water, so you still rely on the Shotgun, Pistols, or Grenade Gun for now.

Grab the Devil Star near the treasure chest by the stairs then jump into the water near the stairs (by where you took the Needle Gun).

The barrels you can shoot contain valuable Red Orbs and an Untouchable is in this flooded room, which will be useful for the next boss. Head back into the ship and follow the stairs up to the door that leads to the ship's deck.

On the ship's deck, do not investigate anything (by pressing Square or Cross) and climb the watchtower near the front of the ship.Get to the highest point, and if you have Stinger, do that move towards the camera to get another Blue Orb shard (not sure if you have to play on a certain mode to get this. I tried but couldn't aquire a Blue Orb).

On the watch tower closest to the back of the ship, there is a Red Orb Cache on the left side of the second tier. There is another one in the center tower on the right side of the second tier and a 3rd one on the final tower on theright side of top tier.

Investigate the doors with the crossed swords and attack the Death Scythe that comes out.

Death Scythe- Medium/Hard

Your first job is to kill the Death Scythe. Unlike the Death Scissor previously, you can move around a lot more, so you need to keep using Alastor and the Shotgun to kill the fool. High Time and mid-air shotgun blasts work, but you need to eatch out for the Death Scythe when it dashes towards Dante. The dark circles that erupt don't hurt Dante, but will place him in range of the enemy to get damaged. The hard part about this fight is the broken terrain of the ship (and bad camera angle). Use caution when fighting the Death Scythe and remember that it gives a green stone when killed.

Use Devil Trigger to take out the Death Scythe as quickly as possible, claim the stuff it drops, and investigate the flaming sword door to activate a cut-scene. Another boss fight ensues!

Griffon - Medium/Hard

Griffon's just the happy go lucky neighborhood killer thunder owl, so no need to be afraid. You are going to grow to hate him as time goes by. He appears three times, but on subsequent plays, you can skip his first appearance in the Colosseum. The first time has a adifferent strategy than the other two times you fight him. You can also fight the Griffon (not to mention Phantom) in another Boss fight later.


The second and third battles are generally the same. The battle inside Nightmare is fought like the first fight, which is not really a boss, but as part of a boss.

Okay, here are his attacks. Every once in awhile he'll come down and charge you. This is a prime opportunity to jump off of his face and hit him. If you don't move, he'll hit you with his beak. This is his easiest to dodge attack. He will often shoot orbs of thunder that stay near him but project to lines of thunder at you, at your current altitude. They come together and then stay in a line for a second. Jump over them either left or right and you'll be fine. Also jumping up and down may help, as if you are in the air, they will target the air, not you.

Similar to this, he shoots rays of lightning parallel to the ground at you, at your current altitude. Jump the first one, duck the second, etc. He will do bombing runs in the first fight and inside Nightmare, so just roll out of the way. He will dive bomb you in all fights, so beware when he goes above your view level for a second. Keep rolling to avoid this.

In the second battle he will create a kite sort of thing to annoy you, that will attach itself to you with electricity and fling you skyward. Shoot it to destroy it momentarily. In the second battle, overall Griffon does very little except divebomb often and attack with lasers. Where the Grenade Gun is good for the land battle, you may want to use the Pistols and make it a longer fight since the Grenade Gun can't be fired in the air, and is disorienting to switch weapons when the kite hits Dante. Infrit powered Pistols work best against this Griffon, and do ti taht way.

With the ship as a battleground, manueverabilty is tough, to try to remain in Devil Trigger as often as possible. Remember that the obstacles block Dante's fire, but does nothing to prevent the Griffon's lasers from cutting straight through them.

Drive off the Griffon and get all the stuff he drops in the center of the ship. Head through the now unlocked door and end the mission!

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Mission 12 - Ghost Ship - Devil May Cry Guide - IGN (2024)


Mission 12 - Ghost Ship - Devil May Cry Guide - IGN? ›

Head down the stairs and don't miss the Orb Vase before you hit the water. Jump into the water and go through the hole into the ship. Swim, but avoid the monsters since you don't have the Needle Gun yet! Get out of the water inside the ship as fast as possible and head up the nearby stairs.

What is the hardest Devil May Cry difficulty? ›

Dante Must Die - The hardest difficulty, Dante Must Die mode allows enemies to enter their own Devil Trigger state, granting them increased defense and damage output and making them more resistant to hit-stun, knockdowns and launches.

How to get blue orb mission 12? ›

After defeating the Fury, you'll encounter a crossroads. You won't be able to go to the right to get a Blue Orb Fragment. Instead, take the left - you'll get to it eventually. In the next room you get trapped in, make sure to destroy the enemy spawner first.

How many chapters are there in Devil May Cry 1 game? ›

Devil May Cry has 23 main missions, making it the game with the most main missions in the entire series. It is also the only game to feature gameplay segments between missions.

How many missions are in DMC 4? ›

Welcome to the Walkthrough for our Devil May Cry 4 Wiki guide. Below you'll find a link to each of the game's 20 missions.

What is the easiest DMC game? ›

Devil May Cry 2 is the black sheep of the series, often being mocked for its clunky gameplay and dialogue, but while there are a few interesting story elements and character introductions, the difficulty is so ridiculously easy that it really harms the overall experience.

Is DMC3 harder than DMC5? ›

- You can instead play DMC1 or DMC3, both of which are harder on Normal than this game (especially the original American release version of DMC3 - but the Special Edition version as well).

What does Blue Orb do in DMC? ›

In Nico's customization shop you can buy a limited number of Blue Orbs, which each add one vitality slot to your health bar, and Purple Orbs, which expand the Devil Trigger gauge. But those aren't the only orbs in DMC5.

How many orb of blue depths are there? ›

Orbs Of The Blue Depths Locations. There are nine total Orbs of the Blue Depths scattered around The Chasm for you to collect. To obtain these Orbs, you must defeat nine named Shadowy Husks, each of which will drop one Orb.

How many blue orbs can you buy in DMC 1? ›

7 full blue orbs can be bought at the God of Time, increasing in price each time one is bought, from: 300. 550. 1000.

What is Devil May Cry called in Japan? ›

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (Japanese: デビル メイ クライ, Hepburn: Debiru Mei Kurai) is a Japanese anime series based on the video game series by Capcom.

What country is Devil May Cry set in? ›

In DMC V, the game shows us large red phone booths and double decker buses. This would suggest that the game takes place somewhere in Europe and possibly in Great Britain. The character Morrison, who was introduced in the DMC anime, was originally a white man with a thick English accent and gentlemanly attire.

Is Devil May Cry 3 long? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is about 12 Hours in length.

How long is Vergil's DLC? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall DLC is about 2 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 8 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Was DMC4 a success? ›

The game sold over three million units worldwide, becoming the series' best-selling title before the release of its sequel.

Is DMC3 a prequel? ›

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is the third video game in the series of Devil May Cry. It was released on the PlayStation 2 on February 5, 2005. It serves as a prequel to the first two games.

Is DMC3 harder than DMC1? ›

While DMC3 is harder, it's not by much. Enemies take a lot more pounding, DT isn't nearly as powerful, and the jump between Hard and DMD is a lot larger.

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