Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (2024)

The topic for today’s article is the Elemental Awakening tier list, where I will be ranking all the elements in the incredible game built with the Roblox engine. These are categorized based on how strong they actually are in order to advance in the game.

Roblox Elemental Awakening is a highly renowned Roblox game, and a large number of players play it regularly. The gameplay involves the player uncovering their real powers by harnessing the force of the elements, and no matter what magic you wield or what curse you cast, the key to defeating all opponents on the battlefield is your ability to manipulate earth, gravity, blood, etc.

Key points

  • There are a total of 15 characters ranked in this article.
  • These elements are ranked according to their intensity, damage, and power.
  • Among the highest-ranking elements, there are Gravity and Time.
  • The lowest-ranked ones are Water and Earth.


We will rank all the elements in the game here.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Reality CollapseWindLightLightning Earth

You will learn more about these elements in detail in the article.

S Tier

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (1)

Our list starts off with the S Rank, which contains the highest-ranked elements in the entire game. If you have any of these with you, you are more likely to succeed.


Gravity is a unique cursed element that may be earned by purchasing a “Curse Imbued” or by a meteor with a very tiny chance to appear per minute at a random location on the map. It has the following talents.

  • Pressure: Regular Cast: Emit gravity waves that temporarily blind and stun foes within range. Additionally, the area’s missiles will be smashed into the earth.
  • Flux: Flux is activated by pressing E. Costs 10% of maximum mana. Throw yourself into the air while generating a tiny AoE that propels enemies underneath you.
  • Singularity: Passive Skill. Whenever you take damage, you have a tiny chance to experience a condition of enormous gravity for eight seconds, increasing your protection by two times.
  • Skyhammer: Normal Cast: Crash to the ground. Depending on the height employed, impact gains range stuns, and does damage. You must be airborne to utilize this.
  • Rise: Normal Cast: Toss a singular that bounces once and then raises the earth across a vast area.
  • Fall: Normal Spell: Launch debris halted by rising in the location of your mouse.
  • Crush: Create a region of intense gravitational pull at your cursor. Charging the move increases its reach and stun, and at full charge, it destroys shields.
  • Maximal Cast: Significantly augment the magnitude of the attack
  • Push: Cast ability that pushes foes away and deals damage to them. At maximum charge, the ability will reflect an opponent’s missile back at them.
Element RaritiesCursed Legendary
(0.1 %) Every Minute


Time is a Celestial element that has a 0.01% chance to drop from elemental spins and may be obtained through elemental spins. It has the following powers:

  • Time Portal: Regular Cast: Requires 15% maximum mana. Create a doorway to the past at your present location.
  • Maximum Cast: Maximum casting of the ability will return you and any nearby players to the time vortex and destroy it.
  • Timeline Destruction: Normal Cast: Costs 15% of your maximum mana, destroys all timelines surrounding you, warping quality players to them before creating several time portals and bombarding them with energy beams.
  • Timeline Divergence: Regular cast: Costs 15% maximum mana. While lingering over a player, pressing E will divide their chronology. Timelines are manipulated by other talents. There may only be one active timeline per participant. Using the ability on a player whose timeline is active will update their timeline to reflect their current position.
  • Time Reverse: Normal Cast: Using it while floating over a player having an ongoing timeline will return them to their own timeline and cancel any spells they are casting. Using this ability on yourself will also reset your strength and mana to your timeframe. If the player doesn’t have a timeline, rather generate a delayed explosion surrounding the target. If the explosion is cast on the player, it will be larger and the player will regain 15% maximum mana for each person struck.
  • Temporal Shift: Regular Cast: Costs 25% maximum mana. Devour any timeline in a short radius. Gain five plus one second per timeline of intangibility.
  • Time Bomb: Regular Cast: Create a big missile. The missile will burst upon collision, dealing damage and leaving a zone behind. If a timeline exists for a player in the zone, devour it and fire a bolt of power from a time vortex at that player.
  • Interdiction: Create a temporal gap over your cursor, resulting in a tremendous explosion.
  • Fast Forward: While the ability is active, you get 1.75x speed and dashing will instead transport you to your cursor from a short distance away.
Element Rarities Heavenly
(0.1 %) Every Minute

Reality Collapse

Reality Collapse is a Divine element that has a 0.01% chance to drop from elemental spins and may be obtained through elemental spins. It has the following powers:

  • Regular Cast: Fire a fast-moving missile that detonates in a massive explosion upon hit.
    Cast a beam that, upon hit, forms a black hole.
  • Sphere of Fracture: Create a circle of uncontrolled power at your cursor using Sphere of Fracture.
  • Max Cast: Blow up all Fracturing spheres, sending them in the direction of your mouse and producing explosions proportional to the number of Fracture spheres in range.
  • Sphere of Collapse: Regular Cast: Creates a missile that propels targets into a bêlow; upon their return, they will incur significant damage.
  • Send off a shockwave that dazes and sends foes into the air.
  • Traveler: Gain teleport jumps for a duration of time, recover 20% of your maximum health, and increase your damage by 1.5x for 15 seconds.
  • Black Sun: Build a hole that launches devastation-inducing assaults.
  • Collapse: Teleport to your cursor and then collapse into yourself. Produce an explosion upon arrival.
Element RaritiesHeavenly
(0.1 %) Every Minute

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A Tier

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (2)

Next, we move on to the A rank of the Elemental Awakening Tier List, where we have all the second-best entries. All of these are still fantastic, but certain factors prevent them from being the absolute best.


Celestial is a fantastic element that has a 0.15 percent chance of being obtained via spins. It has these powers:

  • Harbinger: Releases a white sphere above the target that fires a smaller orb at each nearby opponent. The small orbs are immobilized on players and will pursue them until they despawn or are hit. If they successfully attack a player, they will burst and quickly begin to drag people into their center, causing DOT damage. This spell has an extended cast time.
  • Meteor Strike: Fires a meteor at the cursor from the sky. Longer wind-up times amplify the stun and damage radius.
  • Solfire: Increases power by 1.75x for ten seconds.
  • Planet Throw: Fires a planet at your cursor at random. It contains a total of three planets: Jupiter, and Nep, as well as a black hole. Jupiter is colored red and erupts upon contact. Neptune is azure in hue and [TBA] upon collision. The Dark Hole is black, erupts upon hit, and pulls players toward its center.
  • Lightspeed Lariat: After a medium to short throw time, the player rushes instantly in the direction they are traveling. The target gets stunned and knocked back a small distance if they are impeded by the ability.
  • Supernova: Causes an eruption at the place of the player that deals AOE damage. Has a moderate cast time, but compensates by shocking and gulping down enemies caught in it.
Element Rarities Legendary
(0.15%) Every Minute


Eclipse is an incredibleelement that has a 0.2% chance of being obtained through spins. It has the following powers:

  • Light blast: Regular Cast: Needs to reflect a beam of light toward the target, causing an explosion that destroys shields upon hit.
  • Creates a massive, slow-moving missile that does persistent damage to nearby foes. If the missile hits at least one target, it will recover 5% of the maximum mana.
  • Eclipse: Regular Cast: After 7 seconds of charge, creates a powerful shockwave that causes enormous damage and stuns a broad area.
  • Ritual of Harmony: Regular Cast: Pressing “E” expends 40% of your entire Magicka energy to restore 20% of your maximum health.
  • Lightfall: Normal Spellcast: Channels solar radiation to rain down light spears on the target region.
  • When launched toward a wall, a single more potent light spear will descend, pierce it, and explode.
  • Maximum cast cost: 10% of maximum health. Enables darkness to fall upon the area of effect, stunning foes.
  • Consecration: Regular Cast: Creates a 7-second-long circle of light around you that does continuous damage to nearby foes.
  • Max cast: Costs 10% of your maximum health to cast. Creates a dark eruption surrounding you.
Element RaritiesExotic
0.2% chance of getting from spins


The wind is a Rare element having a 3.75 percent chance of spawning from spins. It possesses these skills:

  • Regular Cast: Releases a tiny, knockback-causing wind gust from your hand. Max’s spell produces a tornado that draws individuals to the affected region.
  • Rising Wind: Launches the target into the air which can be used to compel flight. Max cast causes you to be launched higher.
  • Microburst: Normal Cast: Creates a massive gust of wind that strikes your cursor.
  • Regular Cast: Generate a vast quantity of wind behind you, then detonate a bomb that delivers massive damage. An assault on the cursor.
  • Airborne: Spells cast in midair do 1.25 times more damage.
Element RaritiesUncommon
3.75% chance of getting from spins

B Tier

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (3)

The B rank of the Elemental Awakening All Elements Tier List is the exact middle point of our article, where every entry is absolutely average. These are not bad in any sense of the word, but they are not exactly great either.


Blood is a unique element that has a 0.2% chance to drop from spins. It consists of these powers:

  • Transfusion: Drains an enemy’s blood, inflicting damage and healing you for 10% + of your maximum health.
  • Plague: Normal cast costs 5% of your maximum health. Create a pool of blood at your cursor which last for sixteen seconds, stunning foes and inflicting a debuff that forces players to take a 1.25x attack for five seconds.
  • Maximum cast: Causes a blood explosion surrounding the closest puddle to your cursor, healing 8% health for each target struck. If there is no pool nearby, produce a blood sword that travels to your cursor and then bursts upon hit, shattering shields.
  • Blood Barrier costs 10% of your maximum health. Create a protective barrier of blood about yourself for 4 seconds.
  • Blood Manipulation: Regular Cast: Creates a blood explosion surrounding each blood puddle that summons tracking missiles and greatly stuns opponents that are struck. If no pools are currently conjured, you instead steal life from foes in a vast area surrounding you, restoring 5% of your maximum health for each target.
  • Blood Sentinels: Normal Cast: Costs 15% of your maximum health. Press “E” to produce a blood sphere at your cursor which attacks adjacent foes.
Element RaritiesExotic


Light is a special material that has a 0.7% chance of being obtained through spins. It has these powers:

  • Regular Cast: Fires an instantaneous beam of light. Casts an instantaneous light beam that bursts upon collision.
  • Beacon: Regular Cast: Covers and stuns all nearby foes in a small radius.
  • Regular Cast: Summons a column of fire at your cursor, doing damage to all nearby opponents.
  • Creates a massive explosion near your cursor that knocks back foes.
  • Regular Cast: Streams light out from the sun, making it pour down in a wide area around you, doing damage to opponents. Expires after 15 seconds.
  • Blink: Regular Cast: Hitting “E” teleports the player to the location of the cursor in a flash of light. Cooldown duration of 10 seconds.
Element RaritiesRare


Darkness is a goodmaterial that has a 0.7% chance of being obtained through spins. It has these powers:

  • Expulsion: Release a flood of dark that does damage to foes. If an adversary is tagged, Shatter will do additional damage instead.
  • Regular Cast: Summon chains that lock onto surrounding foes and pursue them at your cursor. Shatters markings.
  • Regular Cast: Fire a bolt of lightning towards your cursor that explodes on impact, breaking marks.
  • Create a missile that bursts on impact, marking foes for destruction.
  • Regular Cast: Restores health dependent on the number of foes hit. Creates and destroys a mark.
  • Blink: Regular Cast: Hitting “E” marks all foes within a short region around your cursor.
Element RaritiesRare
0.7% chances to get from a spin


Fire is a frequent element that has a 29.50% probability of being generated by a spin. It possesses thesetalents:

  • Fireball: Launches a tiny, moderately damaging fireball. The maximum cast fires four lasers that concentrate and deal somewhat more damage.
  • Eruption: Summons a fire pillar on the target.
  • Regular Cast: Stuns foes in a region, then pulse again, knocking them away and causing damage.
  • Regular Cast: Lose 1/5 of your maximum health to produce a gigantic pillar that stuns foes and inflicts 8 times of damage.
Element RaritiesCommon

C Tier

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (4)

Now we start to dip our toes in the C rank of the Elemental Awakening Tier List, which has some actually bad entries. These are not optimal, but skilled players can still easily succeed with them.


Metal is an uncommon element having a 0.7% chance of being obtained through random spins. It has thesepowers.

  • Metal Blast: Normal Cast: Fires a tiny rock that erupts upon hit. If you charge for a longer period of time, the impact generates a minefield of jutting metal spikes.
  • Magnetism: Normal Cast: Creates a medium AOE blast that repels foes and deals moderate damage.
  • Maximum cast: Encases you in a magnetic shield for around 15 seconds, causing you to take 33% damage and /x3 defense.
  • Spike Upheaval: Normal Cast: Causes a massive spike to emerge from the earth at the target location. Sends opponents aloft.
  • Metal Bombardment: It has a standard cast that drops big metal boulders on the target. Hold to charge for a longer duration, which expands the area of impact.
  • Metal Rod: Regular Cast: Pressing E drops a metal rod that stuns and costs around 10% of your total mana.
Element RaritiesRare
0.7% chance of getting from spins


Lightning is a frequent element with a probability of 29.95% from spins. It possesses the following powers:

  • Thunderbolt: Fires a flash of light. Fires a ball of lightning that, upon hit, forms a lightning zone.
  • Regular Cast: After just a quick charge-up, shock foes in a huge radius with a powerful stun.
  • Stormcloud: Create a rain cloud near your cursor, which can occasionally stun opponents it passes through.
  • Lightning Cloak: Cover you in lightning and obtain teleportation dashes and a reduced dash cooldown. Drains mana continuously while active.
Element RaritiesCommon
29.95% chances to get from spin.

D Tier

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (5)

And now we are at the lowest rank of the Elemental Awakening All Elements Tier List. These are the only genuinely bad entries on our list, and they should be avoided whenever possible.


Water is a basic pattern having a 29.50 percent probability of being generated by a spin. It possesses these skills:

  • Water Blast: A water missile that, upon hit, forms a water lump.
  • Water Bomb: Normal Cast: A water missile that bursts into a water column upon hit.
  • Geyser: Regular Cast: Causes the earth to erupt with water at the user’s cursor. Casting Max generates a sword that does additional damage to the cursor.
  • Evaporation: Regular Cast: Releases an area-of-effect (AOE) effect of vapor at the cursor that stuns and does damage to enemies trapped in it.
Element RaritiesCommon


Earth is a rare element having a 3.75 percent likelihood of occurrence from spinning. It possesses these powers:

  • Earthbound: All techniques must be performed on solid ground, although they do above-average damage.
  • Tremor: Regular Cast: Causes an earthen pillar to explode at your mouse, stunning opponents.
  • Earth Wall: Build a wall of Earth ahead of you that deflects incoming missiles. Bring a rock crashing down on your cursor, smashing shields.
  • Cover yourself with stone for thirty seconds, increasing your protection by 2x.
  • Fissure: Regular Cast: Rupture the earth around you, tossing all nearby foes into the air and blinding them in a wide area.
Element RaritiesUncommon
3.75% chance of getting from spins

Comparison Table

GravitySCursed Legendary(0.1%) every min
Reality CollapseSHeavenly(0.1%) every min
TimeSHeavenly(0.1%) every min
CelestialALegendary(0.15%) every min
EclipseAExotic(0.2%) every min
WindAUncommon(3.75%) every min
BloodBExotic(0.2%) every min
LightBRare(0.7%) every min
DarknessBRare(0.7%) every min
FireBCommon(29.50%) every min
MetalCRare(0.7%) every min
LightningCCommon(29.50%) every min
EarthDCommon(29.50%) every min
WaterDUncommon(3.75%) every min


This was our Elemental Awakening tier list, and we worked really hard to place all the elements where we thought they fit best. However, these rankings may or may not correspond with your individual tastes, and that’s fine since everyone plays games in their own way, and what I find appealing may not necessarily appeal to you.

If you agree with any particular placements, please let us know in the comments below. We take criticisms very seriously, and we will make efforts to update the article as soon as possible.

Elemental Awakening Tier List [2023] (2024)
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