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Enter player.addspell <ID>

Replace <ID> with one of the numerical values listed below. For information on IDs that begin with XX, see XX.

The majority of these spells can be purchased or earned at the College of Winterhold and some of them can be purchased from any Court Wizard.

Alteration [Tolfdir][]

Candlelight00043324Fort Snowhawk [Or purchased from Court Mage]
Oakflesh0005AD5CShroud Hearth Barrow [Or purchase from Court Mage]
Magelight00043323Purchase from any Court Wizard
Stoneflesh0005AD5DPurchase from any Court Wizard
Ash Shellxx017731"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Detect Life000211EE"Infiltration"
Ironflesh00051B16Tolfdir / Wylandriah
Telekinesis0001A4CCRedwater Den / Benkongerike Great Hall [Dragonborn DLC]
Transmute00109111Ansilvund Burial Chambers / Halted Stream Camp
Waterbreathing0005D175Tolfdir / Wylandriah
Ash Runexx0177af"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Detect Dead000211EFInner Sanctum [Dawnguard DLC] / The Sallow Regent [Dragonborn DLC]
Dragonhide000CDB70"Alteration Ritual Spell"
Mass Paralysis000B62E6"Alteration Ritual Spell"
Equilibrium000DA746Labyrinthian Chasm

Conjuration [Phinis Gestor][]

Bound Daggerxx01ce06"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Bound Sword000211EBPurchase from any Court Wizard
Conjure Familiar000640B6Bretons start with this spell
Raise Zombie0007E8E1Fellowglow Keep Dungeons / Fort Snowhawk / Halldir's Cairn
Bound Battleaxe000211ECPurchase from any Court Wizard
Conjure Bonemanxx0045baSoul Cairn [Dawnguard DLC]
Conjure Flame Atronach000204C3Korvanjund Crypt
Flaming Familiar0009CE26"A Scroll For Anska"
Reanimate Corpse00065BD7"Coming of Age"
Soul Trap0004DBA4Purchase from any Court Wizard
Summon Arvakxx00c600"Arvak the Spectral Steed" [Dawnguard DLC]
Banish Daedra0006D22CBroken Oar Grotto
Bound Bow000211EDFort Amol Prison
Conjure Ash Spawnxx01cdf6"Telvanni Research" [Dragonborn DLC]
Conjure Frost Atronach000204C4Calcelmo / Falion / Phinis Gestor
Conjure Mistmanxx0045b8Soul Cairn [Dawnguard DLC]
Conjure Seekerxx033c66Apocrypha [Dragonborn DLC]
Revenant00096D94Calcelmo / Falion / Phinis Gestor
Conjure Ash Guardianxx017782"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Command Daedra0006F953Phinis Gestor
Conjure Dragon Priest0010FC16Konahrik [Or Console Command]
Conjure Dremora Lord0010DDECPhinis Gestor
Conjure Storm Atronach000204C5Phinis Gestor
Conjure Wrathmanxx0045b3Soul Cairn [Dawnguard DLC]
Dread Zombie00096D95Phinis Gestor
Expel Daedra0006F952Phinis Gestor
Flame Thrall0007E5D5"Conjuration Ritual Spell"
Dead Thrall0007E8DF"Conjuration Ritual Spell"
Frost Thrall0007E5D6"Conjuration Ritual Spell"
Storm Thrall0007E5D7"Conjuration Ritual Spell"
Spectral Arrow000AB23D[Console Command]
Summon Arniel's Shade0006A153"Arniel's Endeavor"
Summon Unbound Dremora00099F39"Conjuration Ritual Spell"

Destruction [Faralda][]

Flames00012FCDAll players start with this spell
Frostbite0002B96BLabyrinthian Thoroughfare / Mzulft Aedrome / Serpent's Bluff Ruins
Sparks0002DD2ADunmer start with this spell / Fellglow Keep / Helgen Keep
Fire Rune0005DB90Purchase from any Court Wizard
Firebolt00012FD0Purchase from any Court Wizard
Freezexx02732dOnly available while Ahzidal's Ring of Ancana is equipped [Dragonborn DLC]
Frost Rune0006796FPurchase from any Court Wizard
Ice Spike0002B96CRaven Rock Mine [Dragonborn DLC]
Ignitexx02732bOnly available while Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana is equipped [Dragonborn DLC]
Lightning Bolt0002DD29Purchase from any Court Wizard
Lightning Rune00067970Purchase from any Court Wizard
Chain Lightning00045F9DPurchase from any Court Wizard
Fireball0001C789Purchase from any Court Wizard
Flame Cloak0003AE9FOn the shoreline, east of Dawnstar, next to Yisra's corpse
Frost Cloak0003AEA2Purchase from any Court Wizard
Ice Storm00045F9CPurchase from any Court Wizard
Lightning Cloak0003AEA3Purchase from any Court Wizard
Whirlwind Cloakxx01772d"Wind and Sand" [Dragonborn DLC]
Icy Spear0010F7ECEnthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Incinerate0010F7EDEnthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Thunderbolt0010F7EEEnthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Wall of Flames00035D7FEnthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Wall of Frost00035D80Enthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Wall of Storms00035D81Enthir / Faralda / Talvas Fathryon
Blizzard0007E8E4"Destruction Ritual Spell"
Fire Storm0007A82B"Destruction Ritual Spell"
Lightning Storm0007E8E5"Destruction Ritual Spell"
Arniel's Convection0006A104"Arniel's Endeavor"
Vampiric DrainLevel 1 - 0008D5BF
Level 2 - 0008D5C0
Level 3 - 0008D5C1
Level 4 - 0008D5C2
Become a Vampire

Illusion [Drevis Neloren][]

Clairvoyance00021143Embershard Mine
Courage0004DEE8Treva's Watch
Fury0004DEEBAltmer start with this spell
Calm0004DEE9Purchase from any Court Wizard
Fear0004DEEAPurchase from any Court Wizard
Muffle0008F3EBPurchase from any Court Wizard
Frenzy0004DEEEDrevis Neloren / Sybille Stentor
Frenzy Runexx0177b7"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Rally0004DEECDrevis Neloren / Sybille Stentor
Invisibility00027EB6Drevis Neloren
Pacify0004DEEDDrevis Neloren
Rout0004DEEFDrevis Neloren
Call to Arms0007E8DD"Illusion Ritual Spell"
Harmony0007E8DB"Illusion Ritual Spell"
Hysteria0007E8DE"Illusion Ritual Spell"
Mayhem0007E8DA"Illusion Ritual Spell"
Vision of the Tenth Eye000B323E"Illusion Ritual Spell"

Restoration [Colette Marence][]

Healing00012FCCAll players start with this spell
Lesser Ward00013018Alftand Ruined Tower / "First Lessons"
Fast Healing0002F3B8Purchase from any Court Wizard
Healing Hands0004D3F2Purchase from any Court Wizard
Necromantic Healingxx00e8d2Ronthil / Dimhollow Crypt [Dawnguard DLC]
Steadfast Ward000211F1Labyrinthian
Sun Firexx003f52Sorine Jurard [Dawnguard DLC]
Turn Lesser Undead0004B146Purchase from any Court Wizard
Close Wounds000B62EFColette Marence
Greater Ward000211F0Colette Marence
Heal Other00012FD2Colette Marence / Shalidor's Maze
Heal Undeadxx00e8d4Ronthil [Dawnguard DLC]
Poison Runexx01d74b"From the Ashes" [Dragonborn DLC]
Repel Lesser Undead0004D3F8Colette Marence
Stendarr's Auraxx0038b5Florentius Baenius [Dawnguard DLC]
Turn Undead0005DD5DColette Marence
Vampire's Banexx0038b6Florentius Baenius [Dawnguard DLC]
Circle of Protection0005312DColette Marence
Grand Healing000B62EEColette Marence
Repel Undead0005DD60Colette Marence
Turn Greater Undead0005DD5EColette Marence
Bane of the Undead0008C1AB"Restoration Ritual Spell"
Guardian Circle000E0CCF"Restoration Ritual Spell"

Magical effects[]

These are effects obtained through various quests and in-game actions

Magical Effects
The Gift of Charity000EEF58
Ancient Knowledge00010EB60
Prowler's Profit000F20BE



Spell ID's discovered thanks to, and published here with the author's consent.

Methods for Discovering ID's (for spells, shouts, effects, etc.)[]

  • From console type: help <single word of spell name> 4
  • Increment from a known working value
  • You can use help more accurately by placing quotes around your reference
    • Example: help "ebony sword" 4
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